Winners of the bonus awards will be announced on July 5th. Here are some tips to increase your chances of winning:

★ Editor's Choice Award
Activities that meet the following criteria have a higher chance of being selected in our Editor's Choice curation:

  • The activity has a cover photo.
  • The activity includes waypoints with descriptions and photos.
  • The activity description, postscript, and road condition reports contain useful information.
  • The activity has a high number of views.
  • The activity has a high number of claps.

You can also refer to the previous winners of the Editor's Choice Award and use the website's activity editing feature to make your activity stand out!

★ Mileage Leaderboard Award
All activities uploaded during the event period (May 29 - July 1) that are eligible will be counted towards the total mileage. The final winner will be announced on July 5th. Make sure to check that your activities meet the qualifications!