Checklist for Making Your Activities Eligible for Rewards

To ensure that your activities are eligible for rewards, please follow these quick steps to check eligibility:

1. Open the App, go to the "Me" tab, select the activity you completed, and enter the activity details page.

2. Check if the following items meet the requirements:

  • Name: Must include the route name, e.g., "Tai Mo Shan".
  • Activity Description: Provide a brief description of the activity or introduce the route. The description cannot be empty and must be relevant to the activity. Meaningless text may be deemed ineligible during review.
  • Complete Track: As long as the app was recording for the entire activity, this will automatically be met.
  • Public Sharing: After updating the above information, upload the activity and set the sharing permission to "public".
  • Activity Duration and Distance: Ensure the activity lasted more than 30 minutes and covered a distance of over 1 kilometer.

If you have filled in all the above items but the activity is not counted towards the "eligible for rewards" activities, please contact customer support and provide the link to the activity that was not counted. (To get the activity link, open the activity page and click the "share" button in the top right corner to copy the link).

Customer support email: