Route Planner: Assessing Difficulty

To help you assess the fitness difficulty of a planned route, we have teamed up with professional fitness coach team to calculate difficulty levels. The level is based on the three factors: total distance covered in a single day, total elevation gain in a single day, and pack weight.

You can input your pack weight under the "Pack Weight" tab.


Click "Analyze this route" and you will see the following result. It also calculates estimated calories based on your weight (if you have input). The "Mountain Strength Level" will not be shown if you have not activated and completed in-person assessment. 


The level of fitness difficulty should be used to evaluate if you are fit enough to finish a certain route. A challenging route does not mean you cannot finish it, but you could be exposed to higher risk of injury if you do not possess sufficient fitness level to deal with unexpected or accidental situations. Therefore we recommend using the level as a reference to prepare for your next hike.

Also please note the level of difficulty does not consider factors related to non-numerical factors such as terrain condition or weather. We advise taking these into consideration separately.