Show Contour Lines on Map

With a Pro account, you can turn on contour line display on the map. Simply tap on the "contour" icon on the upper left on the Map tab. No additional downloads required. 

To turn it off, tap the icon again.

In addition, we have known that in certain instances the map will display abnormal white lines. This is a known issue we're still trying to fix. The best alternative now is to switch iPhone to Dark Mode and the map will be normal again.

Coming up: Pro users will be able to display more map details on the map as we are currently working on the new map. Please stay tuned for our latest updates.


Please note: We are currently doing some major updates on the Map tab design and expect to implement changes throughout April and May. As a result some of the screenshots may be out of date temporarily, but we will do our best to update them when changes are in effect. We thank you for your patience and understanding in advance.